Inspiring the joy of living in your work, life and relationships

I assist you in exploring, clarifying and understanding your situation so that you can live with greater empowerment to approach life’s challenges.


How I Can Help

Work with Individuals

Counselling and Energy Psychology. Click here to read more.

Groups & Workshops

I develop tailored programs to enhance performance, improve focus and build EQ and resilience. Suitable for workplace, education and community settings. Click here to read more.

What clients are saying

See what my clients are saying about how I have helped them in their journey. Click here to read some testimonials.


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Embarking on the Journey

It can take courage to make changes. Somethings may seem too hard and impossible to change.

Enhanced Wellbeing

I take a non-judgmental, compassionate approach to your concerns and collaboratively walk you through steps and strategies to explore new possibilities and ways.

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